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peter macgill jackhammering big room

Peter MacGill jackhammering the perimeter slab of
the Big Room at 302 Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado.
We created a thermal break so the main floor slab can be warmed
with our novel approach for community space—
Now there is a solar heated sprung-wood dance/yoga floor at 302 Pearl!

Altogether, with all the remodel work, approximately 50% of the entire heating load for the facility comes from the sun, through a combination of active and passive systems.
A great deal of embodied energy was retained on site as thermal mass—
the Big Room's concrete block walls were covered with 3.5 inches of foam,
then stucco, and additional panel insulation was added, creating a
super-insulated building envelope without requiring new construction.

(Video#8: October 2008 shows the hydronic floor being installed)

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