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Coral is the individually oriented aspect of the transpersonal third tier of the Spiral. The Individually oriented transcendant consciousness is focussed at the deepest degree of identification, what in many traditions is called "the Soul". In the Vedic traditions, this is called Atman. Sector twelve will be an emanation of spiritual teachings and messages from a permanant or semi-permanant stabilization in this state which can be called Self Realization, or Realization of the Soul.

Because Coral is in the 'third tier', the transpersonal realm, here there is little focus on any descrete element of the 12 sectors of human activity, except the spiritual evolution of sector 12. However, any person accessing or stabilized in the Self, in the Coral Level, will tend to inspire others in all walks of life. These people will have a presence, a stable focussed gaze, a certain unusual magnetism, and less trouble with personality issues - they will tend to act or speak truth with authority, consistently from a deep place - and thus they will tend to lead and inspire others. Some may refer to them as 'heartful', 'charismatic' or 'intense'.

Ramana MaharshiRamana Maharshi —
Ask Yourself:
"Who Am I?"

Typical presentation at Sector 12, Coral, will be teachings from this state of Self Realization, or teachings to assist with attainment of Coral Realization. A great deal of so-called "satsang" in the West, is given from, and oriented toward this degree of spiritual opening. Hallmarks of this condition are stabilization of conscious awareness beyond the body and beyond the mind. The jñani, pronounced "gyanee" yoga tradition of Advaita offers the description "neti . . . neti" meaning not this, not that - I am not the body, I am not the mind. . . Who am I?
From this stage, the Satori of Zen, glimpses of enlightenment are accessible, near at hand. For that matter, "Sudden Awakening" can be an experience of Coral consciousness - it is quite different from ordinary human mind-identified awareness. There will be a clear sense of personal power, of one's place in the cosmos. It relates to full opening of the throat chakra, not at a mundane level, but in terms of real actualization of essential will.

Modern Advaitic Sages have pointed exactly at this, and beyond. One of the most famous would be Ramana Maharshi. While real question would of course be legitimate as to His actual stage of development, the line of inquiry "who am I?" originally coined by Sri Ramana points exactly and squarely, at least at first, to Atman. Ultimately we may be graced to learn that "we" or "I" is also just a concept even beyond body and mind. Nevertheless, the first real stage of awakening occurs here, just beyond the body-mind apparatus, the realization that there is an awareness that is in fact, eternal and timeless.

Another honorable tradition that honors this truth, is the Quaker faith, wherin it is acknowledged that "everybody holds a piece of the truth, everybody has a piece of God in them." This knowledge, often embodied during periods of group silence, is the foundation for the practice of Dynamic Consensus, a clearly Turquoise level decision-making process, which ultimately is hearkening here to Coral, Sectors twelve/Spirit-Values and nine/Government.

What might be of particular note is that a specific nature of the transpersonal stages is their tendency to blur the sector distinctions more and more, for what is emergent here is 1) the consciousness at this level is specifically beyond the distinction-making processes of mind, and 2) all things become more and more the same, connected, related, timeless, without distinction. While Coral in itself is not specifically a state of full abiding non-dual consciousness, the duality here is not anything that is understood at a mental level.

The dewdrop is in the ocean and has retained its 'dropness', but all is just the same water. The distinction is arbitrary, yet carries the samksars, the patterns of habit that carry us into our next life, our next incarnation, however we choose to hold that concept.


Who am I. I am. Self vs little self, the ego. Beyond Mind. Self Realization. Real Power. Transcendant Consciousness. Be Here Now. All is perfect, there is nothing but this very moment.
Here be the Bodhisattvas. Become a Bodhisattva — take the vow to help all others before attaining final Realization yourself. BE, HERE, for the others.

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This cell can lead and inspire all at tier one, to go into tier two, initially on an exploratory basis.
Ultimately, the pull of the system and holism oriented ways of perceiving reality are not avoidable. A glimpse becomes an inextricable pull into a new way of thinking a new understanding of the nature of reality. The old habits of reactivity, of staid belief are seen as limiting, unfulfilling, uninteresting, not useful. There are even more interesting horizons, something beyond all this that can be grasped at the edge of the faculty of mind, something Coral, something altogether beyond mind, something in the eyes of those who know Realization. . .