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The Turquoise worldview is related to a sense of the whole, not merely a superficial understanding of the concept of holography, but a deeply understood, perhaps even felt sense, of being part of a holistic reality, truly integrated with all life systems.

At Sector Three, Health, this means an understanding of holistic medicine in the true sense of the word. Few medical practitioners really have this understanding; most "alternative" or "integrative" medicine is really more of a systems based approach (probably the Yellow perspective). When the health practice includes a relationship to the living systems that are the source of the medicine, when the patient is perceived not as a complex network of systems, but as an infinitely fine webwork of connections to everything in the world that patient has connections to or interacts with, this could be a hallmark of an understanding of Health and Wellness in the Turquoise vMeme.

Ayurvedic Spa

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Authentic herbal medicine, when a connection to the plant kingdom is not entirely scientific, but something more, may be a Turquoise level medicine. Traditional Herbalists have long understood that a plant contains properties beyond just the "active ingredient" that make it a potent healer, especially when put in the right combination with other plant substances and possibly other ingredients. In addition to special preparation techniques, there is some special understanding about the plants' interaction with the human body that goes beyond phytonutrients or bioflavanoids. Modern medicine specializes in extracting individual compounds, modifying them slightly, and then making profits on patented "Drugs" for the pharmaceutical industry, and this is a very different way to understand the use of substances for healing; instead of studying and managing side effects, in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, a treatment can only be called medicine if it heals the patient and has no side effects. Western science is just now learning that there is a whole dimension to our genome, called the epi-genome. This is a much more complex organization of living systems that goes beyond DNA structures, and can be turned on and off even with lifestyle habits, is passed down to future generations, and may ultimately be more complex than a classical scientific systems-oriented approach will ever fully grasp.

David Crow, in his book "In Search of Medicine Buddha" explains how a fully integrated medical system, such as Ayurveda or Tibetan medicine, which is built on the Indian system called Ayurveda, has this quality:


"As complex and undefinable as it may be, Ayurveda is above all else the art of utilizing the blessings of nature and spirit to restore balance of body and mind. As such, it is filled with aesthetic beauty that is pleasing to the senses. It is the unctuous warmth of smooth oils, fragrant with jungle woods and tropical flowers, spread on dry skin and massaged into tired muscles; it is luxurious billowing steam drawing disease-causing toxins from the organs and tissues. Exotic smells of herbs harvested in rain-forest valleys permeate its clinics; its workshops are filled with the sounds of pestles, pounding fresh roots in stone mortars and of physicians chanting prayers to protecting deities for guidance and inspiration. Ayurveda's knowledge is preserved in ancient manuscripts containing precious formulas, beautifully inscribed on palm leaves in languages disappearing into antiquity. Old physicians, educated during another era in different ways of perceiving life, listen quietly to the undulations of their patients' pulses, reading the secrets of the body in the currents of the blood. Alchemists watch fires burning in earthen hearths, metals and minerals in blackened pots slowly transforming into ashen oxides that subdue serious diseases, as the Himalayan stars turn overhead. For those who follow Ayurveda's long and well-traveled road, its sights, sounds, smells, and flavors gradually seep into the heart and soul to become a collage of sensual knowledge.

The Science of Life is a vast repository of medical experience, spiritual wisdom, and cultural history. It is a system of highly effective healing methods, profound physiological concepts, and humane clinical principles. Ultimately, Ayurveda is a source of wonder and inspiration about the miracle of life, a utopian vision of what natural medicine could mean to the world, and a path to understanding and resolving the difficult challenges confronting humanity."

From David Crow, "The Medicine Buddha", 2006 First Indian Edition , p66-67

This way of understanding Ayurveda, as presented by David Crow, Illustrates the Turquoise Sector Three Cell of the Matrix quite elegantly. Note that Ayurveda has an important aspect that reaches into coral, and thus appears as a primary entry in Sector 3, Coral. As you may surmise, with its rituals, shamanic roots, deity worship, and linkage to established religious principles, there are dimensions of this ancient medical system that harken well into the dimensions of Purple and Blue perspectives.


Balance. Connection. Whole. Health. Wellness. Bliss. Happiness. Joy.

An ancient sutra describing perfect health can be translated as:
A healthy person: is established in Self, has balanced doshas and agni (humors and metabolic fires),
has properly formed tissues, has proper elimination of wastes, has proper functioning of bodily processes, and has clarity and bliss saturating soul, senses and mind.



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Check out the sustainability dimension offered by David Crow, at Sector Two, Turquoise.

Not only can an ethnobotanical approach to medicine heal at very low cost and without side effects, this way of approaching our health can heal and protect the ecosystems of the world as well. If even a fraction of our health care dollars went to sustainably raised medicinal plant cultivation, the repercussions are tremendous. Forests can be preserved. Indigenous economies rescued, rekinkled, rejuvenated. Third world poverty could be dramatically reduced and wellness for the poor thus dramatically enhanced. General respect and appreciation of the remarkable potency of natural systems could be cultivated on a scale that might surprise all of us. The tremendous support in the USA for the DSHEA act that provides free access to nutriceuticals is just one clear indication of how powerful this might be. And, never mind the implication for our global living infrastructure if some substantial fraction of the huge energy and resource inputs into our remarkably inefficient medical system, particularly in the U.S., was simply unnecessary, and was available to be left in natural systems or directed to worthy endeavors like educating and feeding the underprivileged children of the world.