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Earth Stewardship - Yellow

Dynamic Systems Thinking. An overview perspective with a scope of the entire First Tier of the Spiral. An understanding of social evolutionary processes, for individuals, and groups of all sizes. This includes the entire planetary civilization and its relationship to the living Earth, which is understood to be an interdependent system of mutually supporting local and regional ecosystems. This theme of systemic interdependency is similar in many ways to the networks of human societies that comprise all of humanity.

Permaculture maximizes the efficiency of food production through elegant systems design, utilizing the fecundity of nature

Some examples of work, activities, and groups operating in this cell of the Matrix are:

  • Governmental efforts at stabilization /reduction of CO2 output from human-related activities, especially when a systems based approach is applied, such as legislation that works with Economic sectors, e.g. "cap and trade" schemes, etc.
  • The Club of Rome and the work of Donella Meadows
  • Permaculture
  • LOHAS business leaders concerned with Earth Stewarship
  • In its most positive aspect, the LEEDS architectural certification process
  • United Nations "sustainable development" efforts that are, in fact, working on behalf of Earth Stewardship.
  • Spiral Wizards of a yellow quality, concerned in particular with Earth Stewardship









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The Sustainability Institute applies systems thinking, system dynamics modeling, and organizational learning to economic, environmental and social challenges.

Permaculture is a systems oriented approach, applying particular design principles to the creation of human settlements that can become increasingly self reliant, thereby reducing society's reliance on industrial systems of production and distribution that Australiant author and teacher Bill Mollison identifies as fundamentally
                                       and systematically destroying Earth's ecosystems.




Culture of

Understanding that addressing the issue of Climate Change / Global Warming will ultimately reguire harnessing the power of and engaging the hearts, minds and wallets of the business sector. Breaking the economic engine in pursuit of Green vMeme values will not enable the kind of systemic changes required to bring Ecological Sustainability to any region with developed business enterprises, especially resource intensive ones, let alone make any significant difference for the whole planet. The recent experiment in Germany with Green political leadership almost crashing the entire country's economy, with the resultant backlash, is a testament to this dynamic.