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Tribal Art, Tribal/Clan oriented artistic and design expression.
Art Culture and Myth used for ritual purpose related to Animistic or similar spiritual belief systems.
Religious activities to appease the gods, kin spirits, nature spirits, etc.
Clear sense of Identification with a particular tribal group.
Belief in suprahuman forces that participate in human activity realm.
"Us vs. Them".

The Native American
Peace Pipe

Tribal bonds are often reinforced with cultural motifs and artworks that are specific to a given tribe or clan. A good modern day example would the clan kilts of Scotland, where a given pattern or set of patterns are associated with a given clan.
Here, modern peoples are still recognizing identity and association through particular fabric patterns used in neckties, etc.

Another good example is the modern tattoo parlor where a given group will use common themes or designs to designate belonging. Examples include: motorcycle gangs, Yakuza mafia groups in Japan, other City gangs worldwide.


Us, Ours, Them, Kin, Spirits, The Gods, Sacrifice, Offering, Tribe, Cult, Belonging, Appeasing



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Culture of

Native American Tribal artistic and cultural identity with the land would be an example of an S:1 * L:P Culture of Sustainability cell, reaching into S:2. So the principle of stewardship for 7 generations, which is highly revered by modern green level (L:G) folks, actually has a deep root at this level, though arguably it may even have aspects up into third tier. However, any tribal cultural association with the land and relating to respectful relationship to land, people, etc, begins with this cell.