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Spiral of the Matrix

The Matrix:
12 Sectors of the Seed Logos and
8+ Levels of Spiral Dynamics

Imagine an apple slicer
moving down through the Spiral . . .
12 Sectors x 9 Levels = 108 Cells

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To really get into this material, you will need an introductory understanding of the Spiral Dynamics material. You will also need to become familiar with the 12 Sectors of the Seed Logos, at least enough to be able to follow the discussion.

However, you can click on any sector on the Seed Logos page and go directly into initial discussion of the 8L-12S Model, specific to a given sector. That is a top level access, with a focus more on the 12 Sectors of the Seed Logos.

Here, is offered a more technical entrée into what will here be referred to as "THE MATRIX". It is a proposed way to understand how cultural dynamics work, built upon some well established fundamental principles, and therefore may be quite useful for investigation and initiation into the journey Toward a Culture of Sustainability.

First you have to be familiar with the spiral of Spiral Dynamics. Also you will need to be aware of the 12 Sectors of the Seed Logos. Now Imagine, if you will, that the 12 sectors form a tool that could slice down vertically through the Spiral of Spiral Dynamics. So 8+ levels are cut into 12 sectors.

So if this was unrolled, as it were, you could now imagine a grid of 8 (or 10) levels by 12 sectors. Hence "The Matrix".  A particular unit of this matrix shall be referred to as a "cell".

A given individual or social collection of individuals will have a tendency to operate each within a sector of activity at a particular level of social sophistication. It is not necessarily the case that a given social group will operate the same way, in terms of vMeme/Color, for each Seed Logos Sector.