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Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics
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Spiral Dynamics

The Conceptual framework for understanding the dynamics of social evolution, as offered by Spiral Dynamics, originates with Jungian archetypes and the work of Clare W. Graves.

Varadaan continues to be amazed at how clearly the Spiral Dynamics model can provide illumination into what is going on, culturally, in this world; both in the interactions between worldviews and on the world stage lately, in the inability of peoples to understand or appreciate one another, and with the ensuing conflicts that can then arise. Drawing on the past decades of history, witness in the early nineties the clash of existing tribal/warlord/Mullah society (Purple-Red-Blue) within Iraq with the Bush-Cheney Administration's use of religious ideology which was mixed with capital oriented self interest (Red-Blue-Orange), all in the name of attempting to install "American Democracy" (Orange, Blue, Green), something that perhaps neither group fully appreciates. In India, particularly since the creation of Pakistan, we see the conflict of religious fundamentalist Muslims and Hindus (Blue) against a backdrop of near worship of what is 'scientific' (Orange), all within a remarkable scramble for personal benefit in a baksheesh corrupted beauracracy (Red-Blue-Orange). And October 2013 we witnessed the holding of the US government hostage — the Republican tea party fringe, weighted Red-Blue was willing to do this in an attempt to overturn established legislation: 'Obamacare', and was met with a remarkably stubborn Democratic viewpoint that favors conventional economic ideas and populist philosophy (Orange-Green). Subsequently, more moderate Republican perspectives have returned to congress (Blue-Orange), to the relief of many. The clashes between hard-liners and more moderate perspectives are typical in nearly every modern society, and Spiral Dynamics adds a depth and nuance to language, understand, and predict these patterns. Meanwhile, it can be observed that when the thought forms and communication codes are radically different, negotiations may be quite difficult. A key to statespersonship can be to have a depth understanding of each point of view; thus the art of working to find common ground among different points of view — here understanding the core value codes may be helpful in developing real communication, trust, and the possibility for compromise.

In 1996 Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, two of Dr. Graves' students, released unto the world a book titled "Spiral Dynamics". In this book, the term Spiral Dynamics, with the Gravesian levels of existence theory were presented in a color coded, spiral-oriented format. Don has offered many workshops worldwide, and in the past years, the Spiral Dynamics model has been adopted by Ken Wilber, integrated with his 4 quadrants psycho-spiritual model, and thus Integral Everything includes, now, an understanding of the Spiral Dynamics model. Ken has now taken the material into new directions, and Don Beck's co-author Christopher Cowan is holding firm to what might be considered an orthodox version of Spiral Dynamics, a "Gravesian"
version where the two letter codes are preferred over the color scheme, spiritual dimensions are eschewed and more nuance of the model is advocated. Serious students are advised to explore more deeply these various dimensions of the terrain. If the student is interested in exploring how the spiral relates to esoteric realms, then it is strongly recommended to review first the materials available on this site.

In this material there will be more focus on the integration of Spiral Dynamics with the Seed Logos Model, which is built on top of universal spiritual archetypes for the range and domain of human experience, which happens between earth and sky. Also, an attempt will be made to work with a full depth understanding of Spiral Dynamics, close to the 'orthodox' version, but with the color schemes that many are already familiar with.

If you are unfamiliar with Spiral Dynamics, the core thrust of this website, THE MATRIX, will not make much sense until you at least obtain some familiarity with the conceptual framework of Spiral Dynamics. Thus:

On this site are offered two texts suitable for learning some basic principles of Spiral Dynamics

"Spiral Dynamics 101" is a quick overview, kind of like the crib notes.

"Spiral Dynamics 1001" is a more complete document, better for those who want a proper introduction, and who have few minutes.

• For an introductory pamphlet produced over a decade ago, originally available at a different site, you can click <HERE> to download a .pdf file. This pamphlet is an excellent introduction to Spiral Dynamics theory. The Sustainability.org design team is not endorsing, approving or passing judgement the WIE organization.
It is suggested to go deeper into the material than this one pamphlet, however.

• Don Beck and Christopher Cowan have a book on Spiral Dynamics is available on Amazon, and he is still doing workshops. Click on the book image to the right (or below) if you are interested in getting one.spiral dynamics book